Launch party of Tamese &Jackson (picture heavy post)

Couple of  weeks ago ,I had the opportunity to attend the Launch of Tamese&Jackson’s Eid/ramdhan gift set launch at HS&CO.

Tamese and Jackson is a new halal certified brand which is produced in Uk and it provides items of personal care and it is vegan friendly / paraban free / vegetarian . I like the packaging as it reminds me of Pursian rugs and Islamic art . The gift set I received is hand wash / hand lotion set ,  it has such a subtle floral scent which I loved ❤️.

The venue was HS&CO who do the yummy halal steaks and chicken with ever so refreshing Mocktails . They had an eloquent floral setup was provided by aleougeflowers.

Faiza welcomed us all warmly and we all had lovely time over dinner and endless discussions about the happenings of the blogging world . I had an amazing opportunity to meet the ever so lovely bloggers, I have been following for quite some time and finally we all met in person . We all took endless selfies and you know when bloggers find a good back drop . That’s it then , there is no stopping !! At the end of the event we were given yummy cupcakes to bring home to enjoy with our family .

What’s inside my Handbag ! 

I was tagged by a lovely sister @stepinside my handbag about a tag “what is in your handbag” . So you literally have to share what you have in your handbag rather than, try and be fancy Nancy and sort out the items to make the picture look classy 😏. So  I stayed true to my word and without a single cheat here are the items inside my cross body bag.

This bag was a gift from my mom for my last birthday and I absolutely love that it can carry so many things though it is small but you can fit a phone with charging bank and the following with bit more. img_7951

1. I always keep these lipsticks in my bag in case you have a situation where u have to look half decent then they come to rescue my zombieness.

2. This perfume has been my favorite for years.

3. As my blog name is pretty obvious that I love to sew, sometimes there are situations where you have to do emergency fixes like buttons and nifty things and for that reason, I always keep with me the threaded needles pack.

4. The hair tie is a must in case I lose one or need another one.

5. My youngest bubba is teething so teething powder for any emergency when he doesn’t feel well.

6. Plaster in case we need it as kids are always active.

7. These glasses are a new addition just for adding a bit of an edge to my outfit pictures. I don’t wear these normally. The ones I wear are somewhere in my house.

8. Last but not the least it’s been quite while since I started taking care of my hands as I started developing severe eczema on my hands so the hand cream is always must and dry hands just don’t look ok.

9. And a lip balm is new addition so keep my lip hydrated. Though I don’t get to use it much but good to keep it handy.

10. My Dior lipstick is my fav Classic in shade match to my lip color.

I now tag following lovely bloggers

Spring Outfit with Culottes

Weather has taken turn towards more mild temperatures and I have started digging all the spring outfit pieces out of my wardrobe . This over sized shirt dress from Primark is my

image2-1Top as it gives a beautiful Modest coverage and adding culottes has just given my outfit just the edge it needed . I was totally going for black pointy pumps , then my only pair of red pumps from Marks&Spencer‘s caught my eyes .


20160207_123347I thought it will be a good idea to try these on as its been quite loooong since i wore them . Well before i was expecting my third child to be precise . I know TMI . I paired this outfit with my crimp hijab from Hijab Love in my favorite neutral color . These wide leg trousers are my new found love and modest fitting is a bonus. I can’t wait to sew some tops to go with these culottes .



Coffee , lattes and hot chocolate

As winter is upon us we love the nice hot brew why not enjoy a relaxed afternoon with a hot mug of latte sprinkled with some chocolate on top . I am going to be enjoying this Blueberry muffin but only couple of bites as I am not a big fan of muffins . My children love blueberry muffins so sometimes I hid them as I don’t want them to go over their daily sugar intake . Yes I am one of those mom who never buys sweets or crisps or chocolates for kids as I have encouraged my boys to buy their children magazines rather than sweets . Yes they do have treats occasionally but not everyday . What’s your winter favoriteimage1-1, coffee , latte or hot chocolate ?

Fresh Blooms

White roses are my favorite flowers . How amazing is that the fresh flowers have the power to brighten up anyone’s day . Apart from white roses I love buying “baby’s breath ” as the miniature flowers are so pretty and scent is just awesome . Do you like to buy flowers and what color is your favoriteimage1 let me know in comments below . I would love to know .

Pointy flats!

Pointy flats are trending for past few years and I just can’t get enough of them. They don’t just look pretty but they are extremely comfortable for busy mom like me who likes to make effort sometimes . Here is my collection so far. Just after I took pictures I forgot that I didn’t include all of them . I am huge fan of new look shoes as they always come up with the best wide-fitted shoes . My favourite pair is the lace one as I just could find any other pair in the same style as as soon as this style came out it was sold out in every shop . What kind of shoes you like the most and why ? I would love to know in the comments below .